Starbucks barista won Indonesia Brewers Cup 2015


Meet Starbucks Barista Championship 2015 Winner, Ryan Wibawa.
Saturday, 14 November 2015, He finished in 1st place in Indonesia Brewers Cup 2015.
He put The Indonesia Championship for brewing on his list of 2015 achievements #IBRC2015  #ICE2015

Ryan is a humble, a skilled barista from Starbucks Reserve®, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. “Do what you love” is his motto.

I know Ryan in person, he’s calm, serious but also very friendly.

I remembered a few months ago, he practices and even shared his pour-over secret to his competitions one day before the final of Starbucks Barista Championship 2015. Of course, he won the competition.

Not only that he is Starbucks Indonesia Champion, now, He  also The Indonesia Champion for brewing. He will represent Indonesia in Dublin World Brewers Cup 2015, 22-25 June 2016.
He has the passion and the winner attitude.

Visit Starbucks Reserve® Grand Indonesia to meet him, he would be glad to share his coffee passion with everyone. Congrats again, Ryan Wibawa! #tobeapartner


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