Growing Up


Every day is a new day for me, I get new problems, new informations, also new point of view, new friends, potential friends, enemy, potential enemy, new level of angers and all emotions , and others experiences which should be my ticket to grown up. It’s interesting just to notice how’s our life changes, how’s every new day gives us new perspectives of life, of our self and of people around Us.

A friend of mine, my long lost friend, once tells me about how he sees me growing up… and that I’m grown up now. At first I don’t think he’s right because for me I’m still the spoiled Rhesya.. I don’t like to be told what to do, I took all critics personally, I feel like emotionally unstable everytime I get mad, and so and so.. Then he asked me  How I react everytime? I said I  talk about it with my best friend or just keep it and think about it or just pretend nothing happens,  Absolutely no blood there everytime…:P

He said  That’s it! it’s not the  matter of how I feel, It’s more about how I reacts and how I manage to think before reacting.

I’ve been thinking about what he has said to me,somehow I don’t think he’s right , Off course As other normal human being, I’m on trials into grown up world, and  right now I’m trying to be the better me , But Regards to his opinion about me, Maybe he just found out my weakness, to leave my problems into no where, Because often time I prefer to run from my problems than to face it or to solve it. Hmm Seems like He’s the grown up one here to have that kind of perspective about me, The spoiled Rhesya.


About Rhesya

Simple person, with simple Ideas of life… Social media enthusiast, Pro Bhineka Tunggal Ika, Works for , Actively involved in Lentera Indonesia or @LenteraID on twitter, A Support Group For Rape and Sexual Abuse Survivor. I believe #RapeIsNotAJoke and Indonesia would be better without FPI

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